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The transformative power of diversity and inclusion- The Red Flag

Jammu & Kashmir (India): Since the past few decades many Social and Cultural organisations in Kashmir have come into existence and through their dedicated and selfless work strengthened their position in society. Out of these many NGO in Kashmir, a few of them have carved a name for themselves and have impacted society in a positive way for learning, empowering and social growth.

One of such have been of Group of Professionals, Business Men and Students leading experiences in various industries and social impacting clubs is a group called “The Red Flag”, which is a non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group that performs social service on a local and state level in Jammu & Kashmir Region. They want to bridge in providing innovative learning, improve the quality of education and opportunities for Kashmir young youth under Young Talent Initiative. Focusing on high-quality, low-cost interventions to address the gaps in the education, corporate and business oriented professional system.

The Red Flag comes with transforming power of diversity and inclusion from its foundation of Kashmir top ambitious talent, leading to scale for better and giving back to people, which is backed by people like Zumair Dar, Mohammad Jazim, Adnan Laway, Omar Agha, Tajamul Islam, Shyla Shahid, Sania Shahid, Faizan Dar, Hubbi Attar, Aasaf Bhat & Saqlain Mehraj.

Vision: The Red Flag wants to bring about change in the lives of the underprivileged society by enabling civil society to engage proactively in the change process.
Mission: The Red Flag aims to empower the lower strata of society especially youth and women through relevant education, innovative market-focused livelihood programs.

They partner with state government, independent businesses, various corporate houses and NGO’s to help young talent of Kashmir acquire foundational skills to base down a solid pathway for career personal and professional growth. Their programs have successfully reached hundreds of educated talent this year while they being active on a well know social platform app called “Clubhouse”

“We play an important role in developing society, enhancing communities and promoting citizen participation for better envisioned society. We have to overcome many problems that are prevalent in our state such as lack of transparency and trust or better scale and use for our talent not just in sports & politics: Zumair Dar & Mohammad Jazim Founders of The Red Flag

On speaking with NewsnViews,
Farooq Kathwari and Dr Farooq Khan second generation Kashmiri Americans living in United States said, “We have to move ahead and, we believe they can be at the forefront of the of new age social and community adoption. We wish the luck and all the best for their initiative.

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